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Welcome steel is a prominent manufacturer and exporter of ALLOY 400 PIPES AND TUBES, which is virtually immune to chloride ion stress corrosion cracking in typical environments. Monel 400 Tubes is often used in marine engineering, hydrocarbon processing, chemical equipment, valves, pumps, heat exchangers, fittings, fasteners, flexible metal hose, etc. Alloy 400 Tubes provides a lower cost alternative to commercially pure Nickel due to the Copper content of approximately 30 wt. % but retains very similar characteristics to Nickel 200/Nickel 201. Alloy 400 Seamless Pipes has excellent mechanical properties at subzero temperatures, where corrosion rates in strongly agitated and aerated sea water are extremely low. Alloy 400 Seamless Tubes has good ductility & thermal conductivity, along with is good for sea water applications. Welding methods including gas-arc welding, metal-arc welding, gas-metal-arc welding and submerged-arc welding are recommended on Alloy 400 Welded Pipes. Stronger than pure nickel, Alloy 400 Welded Tubes is resistant to corrosion by many agents, including rapidly flowing seawater. Nickel-Alloy 400 Pipes and Tubes exhibits excellent weldability, and it is often found in marine applications such as seawater valves and pump shafts. While it is a very useful metal, Monel UNS N04400 Pipes costs 5 times to 10 times as much as ordinary nickel or copper. MONEL DIN 2.4360 TUBES is particularly resistant to hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids when they are de-aerated, where in such environments, high chromium stainless steels should be considered..


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Hastelloy C22 Pipe and Tube Specification

  • SPECIFICATIONS : ASTM B622, B619, B626 / ASME SB622, SB619, SB626
  • SIZE RANGE : 15"NB – 150"NB
  • OUTER DIAMETER : 1.250″ – 6.000″ (30-150mm)
  • THICKNESS: 0.3mm – 50 mm
  • SCHEDULE : SCH 10, SCH20, SCH30, SCH40, STD, SCH60, XS, SCH80, SCH120, SCH140, SCH160, XXS
  • TYPE : Seamless / ERW / Welded / Fabricated / LSAW Pipes
  • LENGTH : Single Random, Double Random & Cut Length
  • FORM : Round, Square, Rectangular, Hydraulic Etc.

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